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I hope anybody who knows me even a tiny bit suspected that my site could not possible live without some kind of angle on data. Ever since I left UK I have been gathering lots of data about my travelling, my spending, finances, costs et cetera. Why? After all I am a data guy but also to aid my planning. Here are some interesting info like the spread of different type of spending or which trip has been the most costly so far....
Chart showing split of my spending by category:
Categorising transactions proved to be a very difficult task. I wanted to track not only all my outgoing money but general spending aka cost of living. Here is a quick summary of how I categorised it: 

General spending
  • groceries
  • eating out (lunches, dinners, suppers, snacks)
  • nights out
  • sports (pool, yoga, gym)
  • learning (language classes, books, stationery)
  • mail (postcards, stamps, parcels)
  • flights, trains, coaches
  • local buses
  • taxis
  • clothing
  • health (emergencies, hospital bills, medications)
  • activities (museum, parks)
  • online payments(Google Drive, GitHub, Microsoft Office)
  • souvenirs
  • electronics
  • kitchenware
  • donations
  • sim cards, top-ups
  • gifts/presents
This is a chart that shows the split between all my transactions for the whole journey i.e. 1049 days:

Chart showing spending by trip:

Each trip is different, they vary depending on the purpose: visiting friends, volunteering, short touristic trip. This is how my spending splits based on the trip 


And this is how much time I spent during each trip

What I find interesting is the ratio of spending/time between each trip. Not surprisingly New York has the ratio over 2, seems obvious that you'll spend more in NY but what it gives me is a foundation for building a benchmark what is the ideal time to spread out the spending to make it affordable.. 
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